How Does A Bible-Reading Marathon Work?!              


*Show up FIFTEEN minutes prior to your reading time to listen to the READER before you.  We can only estimate where in the Bible each person will be reading as each person speaks at their own meter.  This way you can start right where they end!    


*Read for thirty minutes OUT LOUD.  There will be water bottles to quench your thirst.  Take your time, be deliberate with your enunciation, and give your vocal glory to God!    


*Plan to stay FIFTEEN minutes AFTER your time to read to reflect &offer a prayer for the reader after you.  Thank you for giving your time in this way of worship!    


* We will be reading from the large print ESV Bible in the Sanctuary.               


* Two people should be in the pews at all time listening.                        


*This is an open, all-age, community-wide effort that has incorporated FIVE different churches in Freeburg, IL.

*Want to help?  Contact Virginia Lugge or Brittany Kaiser, or contact the church office and let them know what time you're available!