We have Christ-centered Bible Study classes for all ages at 9:05 am each Sunday.  Join us!

(Ages 2 - 5)

Designed especially for some of our youngest learners, our pre-school class experiences God's love for us through our wonderful and caring teachers and hands-on learning.

(Kindergarten - 6th Grade)

This diverse group is split into several classes -- Kinder and 1st grade, 2nd and 3rd grades, and 4th through 6th grades.  These kids not only learn to hide God's Word in their hearts through Bible Study, but also through music, scripture memorization, crafts, games, fun, and sometimes even cooking!

(7th Grade and 8th Grade)

Our 7th grade students undergo a year of in-depth study of the Old Testament through discussions, games, and drama.   In 8th grade, the students dive deep into the New Testament.  This two-year training adds to their foundation of Biblical truths so that they better understand the Word and face the challenges of the world with courage.

High School

Our High School students are an active group!  They not only enjoy bonding together during Bible Study, but they also enjoy "hanging out" together and strengthening life-long friendships.  They also practice evangelism and service by helping in the different ministries of the church!

Young Women

Many new challenges face the young women of today.  To meet those challenges in a Biblical way, this class, especially designed for women 19-29 years old, meets each Sunday evening at 7:00pm at the home of Brittany Kaiser. 

Does the world make you angry?  When you look around and you see our governmental institutions failing morally does it upset you?  When you see the cultural role-models we choose from media, Hollywood, and our professions live with the morals of alley cats does it make you angry?  Do you think that one day you could get angry enough to curse God?  You say, I could never curse God.  Well, there is a day coming when men and women will curse God for sending Judgment upon them.  What could cause such a thing?

Come join the St Paul’s UCC Adult Sunday School class in a study that will explore the forces at work in the world that will take regular people and bring them to a point when they will actually curse their God.  The study is called, It’s All My Doing, So Sue Me.  Signed, God.  To preview the study and get you excited about attending, here are the lesson titles:

  • What in the World?

  • This is Some Crazy Baby Shower

  • No, We’re Not Kidding

  • All Right, Who Misplaced God?

  • High-Yield Explosives and Influencing People

  • Dale Carnegie’s Poster Child

  • There Goes the Neighborhood

  • Wow, What Some People Will Believe

  • Pulling It All Together


This is another in the continuing series of studies on the culmination of Human History, informing men and women of the players, events, impacts, context, and outcomes of--The End Time.  The lessons will be offered two times a week beginning 23 June—on Sunday mornings at 9:00am in the church office at 210 W White, Freeburg, Illinois, 62243; and, a second time on Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm in the church‘s Baltz Parlor located at 7 N Belleville, Freeburg, Illinois, 62243.  Everyone is welcome.  Come study with us, learn with us, and in the end, live better for studying God's Word.

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