The Empty Plate Challenge


Sometimes we are so blessed, we forget that the simple, everyday things are blessings, too.  However, children like Ashanti Rubio live in conditions where she understands that things like an education is a blessing.  Ashanti lives where her education is neither taken for granted, nor is it free.


The Sunday School offering for March-April will be sent to Ashanti to help offset the cost of her education for the next school year.  Our goal is to collect $800 to be sure that she can continue to the next grade.  To help remind us of how much we have that we often take for granted, we are taking "The Empty Plate Challenge."  You can download your copy by clicking on the button below.  Monies collected need to be returned to the church by Sunday, April 12th, so that we can forward them on to Ashanti's family in time to enroll her in school again.