Living in Post-Christian America

Things have changed in the United States.  Christianity is predicted to be overtaken by Islam as the #1 religion by 2040.  Our government, most certainly founded upon Christian principles and ideals, is now wholly secular.  Believers in Jesus are under mounting pressure from multiple directions to compromise their beliefs, and if they refuse are sometimes losing their businesses and livelihoods.  Churches are losing membership, and at an ever increasing rate are closing their doors forever.  What is happening?  As part of a continuing series of studies on the End Time, beginning 26 June (and repeating on Tuesday evenings in the Batlz Parlor at 7:00pm beginning on 28 June) and running for eight weeks, the class will conduct a practical study, taken from biblical Jeremiah and Daniel—LIVING IN POST-CHRISTIAN AMERICA.


How did we arrive in this state?  How will we cope, will our nation come under Judgment?  How will God expect us to act?  How should we prepare?  Will the End Time make this part of our lives even more difficult?  What kinds of events can we expect to see?  What will happen to us?  Where is God in all this?


The lessons will include:


  • Beginnings

  • Failure of a Nation

  • Judah II

  • Nation-Captive

  • Choice Chosen People

  • End Time Acceleration

  • God-Control

  • Taken All Together

When the series begins, each week's lesson and other materials will be posted to this page for downloading, so you can follow along with the series even if you cannot attend!