What is a Parish Nurse?
A Parish Nurse holds a registered nurse (RN) license and specializes in providing healthcare grounded in spiritual principles with a focus on holistic health.  The roles that a Parish Nurse might provide include:

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  • Health Educator and Coach – promote health and wellness through newsletters, website

  • Personal Health Counselor – counsel on medical information, BP checks, other screenings, medications, test and labs, grief counseling, anxiety, transitioning from home to assisted living or nursing home.

  • Advocate and Support Groups – Be a personal advocate for our members and offer and build support groups within the congregation and community.

  • Community Liaison – Connect people to community resources of which members may not be aware are available.

  • Coordinate Volunteers – Solicit help from others.

  • Spiritual Caregiver – Help congregation members move through life’s trials and tribulations with God and in His Grace.

If you know of someone or a family with a particular need of any sort, please email me! Just like a doctor-patient  relationship, our visits and information exchanged will be private. With any information I am given, I will seek your
permission before sharing it with the congregation for prayer ministry or contacting any community resource. I am eager to hear any recommendations on ways to address the needs for the congregation as a whole or for individuals that may need more personal assistance. While I may not be able to handle each and every recommendation, I will do my best to do address these needs to the best of my ability.

Volunteers: WE NEED YOU!!
Please prayerfully consider your ability to serve God by assisting with St. Paul’s Parish Nurse Program. If you want to help, but you aren’t sure how you might be able to serve; Call the church office or email me and we can discuss.
I look forward to getting to know you all and being your spiritual and health advocate.

Amy Mueth, BSN, RN
Parish Nurse
Phone: 618-539-3262