We are excited to offer a new program this summer for our children ages pre-k through 6th grade.  It's our "Heroes of the Bible" Summer Reading Program!  It's quite simple.  For our younger students, we ask that you read the story from the Bible to them.  For our older students (4th-6th grades), they read the story and answer a few simple questions.  The children will receive prizes based on the following scale:

  • First Story - Name on our wall of Super Readers

  • 8 Stories - Coupon for an Ice Cream Cone from Dairy Queen

  • 15 Stories - Coupon for Free Personal-size Pizza

  • 22 Stories - 2 Movie Passes to Lincoln Theater

  • 29 Stories - Incredible Pizza Pass!

You can download a reading log to make it easy for you and your child to keep track of their progress.  Once a level has been completed, bring the log (along with the question sheets for our older children) in to your child's Sunday School teacher to receive his/her prize!  Prizes will be awarded during the worship service that you usually attend.

We look forward to how the Lord will open the eyes and hearts of our children this summer as they read through His word!